My Project Account

  • Set your goal and start saving today

  • Take the first step with initial deposit as low as 30 GHS

  • Unlimited deposits with high interest rates

Open a savings account

Detailed description

Who is eligible?

  • Ghanaian nationals or residents
  • Over 18 years old 


  • An Advans account holder
  • GHS 20 minimum balance
  • Interest is tiered
  • Save at least once a month


  • 8-15% interest rates
  • No opening, closing or maintenance fees

What do I need to subscribe?

  •  A valid national ID for Ghanaians
  •  A passport size picture
  •  Residency permit for non Ghanaians


Question: Is there a benefit for consistent deposits?

Answer: Yes, you get extra interest depending on the amount with consistent deposits.

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