Back to School Account

  • Start saving towards your children's education today

  • Take the first step with initial deposit as low as 200 GHS

  • Get an instant cash back on initial deposit

Open a Back to school account

Detailed description

Who is eligible?

  • Ghanaian nationals and non-Ghanaian residents
  • Over 18 years old 


  • GHS 200 initial deposit
  • GHS 200 minimum balance
  • GHS 15 instant cash back
  • No opening or closing fees
  • 6% interest rate p.a. and up to 8% upon renewal
  • Save as much as you want

What do I need to subscribe?

  •  A valid national ID for Ghanaians
  •  A passport size picture
  •  Residency permit for non Ghanaians


Question: Can I start the account with more than GHS 200?

Answer: Yes. You can open the account with any amount, GHS 200 and above, and the more you deposit the better your chance of winning stationaries freebies.

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