Working with us

Advans Ghana considers staff development as the key to the sustainability of its activities, fostering growth and guaranteeing the quality of services, to make our mission a daily reality.

Nathan, Customer Center Supervisor

A challenging work environment for learning and self-improvement is what the staff of Advans thrive on.

His experience...
Nathan started at Advans Ghana in 2009 as a Customer Service Officer in Newtown branch. A year later, he was promoted as Banking Service Supervisor in one of Advans’ new branch. Working at the launching of this new branch was for him a great experience in which he learnt a lot. During the first phase of his career at Advans Ghana, Nathan was given the opportunity to move a lot from branch to branch. This flexibility helped him to, each time, explore new environments, take on new challenges and achieve higher targets. “There is always room for learning” he says. In 2015, Nathan moved to the Head Office where he was promoted to Supervisor of the Contact Center. “Advans is a vibrant institution, new projects are often implemented. Thanks to this dynamism, you can directly feel the impact of your contribution, this is very motivating!

Sadiq, Customer Relationship Officer 

Seeing a smile on my client’s face is the driving force of my work

His experience...

In 2010, Sadiq joined Advans Ghana following one of his friend’s recommendation. After a successful interview he was given the job of Customer Relationship Officer. It started with a one month training where he was introduced the business model of the company. But very soon he stepped by himself into the job. Starting with a reasonable portfolio of clients, he gradually enriched his capacities and today is given a lot of responsibilities. "As you grow in the company, your targets increase" he says. "The core of my job is to take care of my clients. It's not always easy, but at the end of the day, when I feel their recognition, I understand I achieved one more successful day."