Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Launches New Brand


Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Ltd has launched its new brand which reflects the company’s maturity, global presence and rapid growth since its inception 10 years ago. The new brand has been designed to reflect our strengths, international status and sense of innovation and signifies the company’s vision to be the preferred brand of small businesses in Ghana.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr Francis Owiredu, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Advans Ghana stated, ”Advans entered into the financial services space in 2008 with the objective of providing adapted financial services primarily to Ghanaian MSMEs as well as other segments of the population who have limited or no access to formal financial services. Advans Ghana currently has a network of 19 Branches across 7 regions in Ghana, through which we deliver our financial services to over 55 thousand clients. Today the Advans brand is on its way to becoming a brand and employer of choice. With over 600 well trained staff the company has become a model player, which prides itself on the quality of its services and customer care. Although the brand has evolved, our vision and mission remain the same, and we have stayed true to our roots with stand out from other players.”

Talking about these strong achievements, Mr.
Olivier Bailly-Béchet, Chief of Sales of the Advans Group, who flew into Ghana to grace the launch event, said, “it is now time to consolidate them and communicate them more confidently while continuing to improve our outreach and have more impact on our clients’ lives. Our new streamlined brand aims to improve our accessibility and build client understanding with simple service icons and easy to read communication materials. This is also the chance to reinforce the international dimension of our group by harmonising our brand, so every point of sale will be the same if you are in Cameroun, Tunisia, Myanmar or Ghana. ”

The chairman of the event, Mr. Ben Berko, commended the management of Advans Ghana Savings and Loans for setting a good pace for financial inclusion with its alternative delivery channel strategies. He admonished the company to take advantage of the rebranded Advans and continue to build on its existing niche markets while leveraging on the international expertise and other benefits that the parent group brings with it to develop new markets and sectors in Ghana.

The launch event, took place at the modern banking hall of the Newtown branch of Advans Ghana, and featured the Akwaaba group and a choreography group to entertain guests. The event was attended by senior representatives of regulatory bodies, the board and shareholders of Advans Ghana, representatives of the holding company, traditional and religious authorities, representatives of the larger financial sector, as well as customers and staff of Advans Ghana and the media among others.

Growing Together.

International Women Day; Advans shares goodies!


International Women Day; Advans shares goodies!

Advans Ghana in its continuous quest to support and improve the quality of life of our female customers and staff used the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8th to appreciate women globally for their enormous contributions to society. Special gifts and goodies were given to female staff as well as female customers who visited our branches for transaction. Also, special visits to appreciate female clients right at their business premises were made by branch management staff together with other branch staff with surprise gifts.   

We at Advans Ghana have always maintained our support concerning the betterment of women through our services and everyday corporate practices. We firmly believe by supporting gender parity and providing excellent opportunities to our female staff and customers, we are in no small way contributing to their progress. Customers were touched by the kind gesture and surprises and one happy customer remarked “It is the little things like this that an organization does, which shows they care about more than just profit” 

This year’s theme for the celebration of International Women’s Day is “Press for Progress". Advans Savings and Loans will continue to grow together with women to enable them achieve the changes they require to continue to impact positively on society.

The Akwantukese Festival: Advans Supports the Koforidua Community

Advans Ghana Savings and Loans, as part of its continued community development efforts, participated in the grand durbar of the2017 Akwantukese Festival in Koforidua. The festival celebrated by the people of Juabeng in the city of Koforidua, is to celebrate the origins of its people and their migration from the Ashanti Kingdom. The company was represented by Mr. Yens Gyamfi Appiah, the branch manager of the Koforidua Branch of Advans Ghana and some other branch staff. Theymade a cash donation of GHC 1000 and presented several drinks to the community which were received by the chiefs and his elders. Also present at the festival were community and religious leaders, business affiliates and visitors from the neighboring towns.

Speaking to the chiefs during the presentation of the cash and other items, Mr. Yens Gyamfi, expressed Advans’ incessant desire to continue to collaborate with the traditional authorities and other stakeholders to improve the living standard of the people of Koforidua;“We are pleased to be part of this illustrious community. It is our desire that through our numerous business support, innovative and client centric approach we will continue to witness a tremendous increase in the business activities of entrepreneurs in the community so as to improve on the general standard of living of the people of Koforidua.”

The chiefs on their part thanked Advans Ghana for their continuous support and called on other private companies to emulate the good gestures of Advans Ghana.

Advans Ghana Launches School Treasury Loan

School Treasury Loan

Advans Ghana has launched the School Treasury Loan, a short term loan product designed to finance treasury shortages, particularly salary expenses of teachers. This new product falls under the Edufinance package where Advans provides financing to private basic schools to enable the overall development of their educational resources. The Advans Ghana School Treasury Loan was launched in response to the challenges school administrators face during the payment of school staff salaries, particularly during the lean season of school vacations.

Some attractive features of this innovative product include free account opening and a free account statement delivery per month. Clients who sign unto the School Treasury Loan facility enjoy a relatively lower interest rate of 23.29% per annum. The product also offers clients with the convenience and safety of accessing information on their accounts, which include withdrawals, deposits and periodic delivery of mini statements through the Advans Ghana Mobibank platform.

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Advans Ghana Launches New Training Center


Advans Ghana has officially launched its training center located at Atonsu in Kumasi. The launch took place on 17th May 2017.

The opening of the new training center is in fulfillment of the need to adequately equip new and existing staff of Advans Ghana with the prerequisite skills needed to effectively perform within their various job functions.

In an address by special guest, Mr. Isaac Tweneboah-Koduah, a seasoned trainer, consultant and speaker in the Sales and Marketing discipline, he intimated that a good number of businesses do not succeed because of the lack of relevant knowledge skills to sustain the operations of the business; he therefore commended Advans Ghana for the initiative undertaken to meet the training needs of staff to give off their best to clients and boost business growth.

Mr. Brieuc Cardon, former Chief Executive Officer of Advans reiterated Advans Ghana’s continued commitment towards ensuring that staff are empowered with state-of-the-art resources and learning tools to enhance their working skills which will ultimately affect the client experience positively.

The new training center is located near Lake Road Hotel above the Atonsu branch and also boasts of a new guest house purposed to house staff members on working visits.

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Advans Ghana Launches Hohoe Branch


Advans Ghana has officially launched the Hohoe branch in the Hohoe Municipal district of the Volta Region. The event took place on Tuesday, 16th May 2017. The launch comes on the back of the recently launched Madina branch, bringing the total number of points of sale within the country to 17.

In a speech by Mr. Brieuc Cardon, Chief Executive Officer of Advans Ghana, he reiterated that the Hohoe branch’s recent opening  complements  Advans Ghana’s growing presence and a reflection also of the institution’s expansion strategy of bringing banking services closer to potential and current customers. “The Advans brand is also making progress due to its solid networking with multinational financial institutions which include International Finance Corporation (IFC) – a member of the World Bank, KFC – a German Development Bank, Societe General and Advans SA, placing Advans Ghana ahead of the others”, he added.

Mrs. Barbara Odei, Chief Operations Officer of Advans Ghana intimated that with Advans Ghana’s presence in Hohoe, the institution is poised to “grow together” with its clients, a slogan central to Advans’ operations; finally, she urged entrepreneurs in the micro and SME segments to consider doing business with Advans Ghana to grow their businesses and improve their lives.

Also in attendance was Togbega Gabusu VI, Paramount chief of Gbi who expressed delight with the opening of the financial institution in the area and pledged his support towards the growth of Advans Ghana in Hohoe.

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Advans Ghana Launches Madina Branch


Advans Ghana has officially launched the Madina branch in Accra. The event took place on Friday, 5th May 2017. Our efforts towards expanding our branch network into Ga-East is in line with our strategy towards bringing our banking services closer to our clients while offering them the best in quality products and services.

In a speech by Mr. Brieuc Cardon, Chief Executive Officer  of Advans Ghana, he intimated that Advans Ghana  not only provides affordable and adaptable loans but also advisory services to customers as well as a study of  customers’ cash flow, and a follow up on the progress of their businesses. Mr. Cardon also added that Advans Ghana offers loans to customers without pre-savings requirements from customers.

Mrs Barbara Odei, Chief Operations Officer of Advans Ghana in her address, sounded a note of caution to business owners on the dangers of piling on too many loans which sometimes cause difficulties during repayment.

In attendance were distinguished and notable figures from the Madina chiefdom, the Chief Imam as well as the District Commander and Divisional Commander of the La Nkwantanang municipality.

The Madina branch is located near the main Madina Lorry Station, opposite Melcom.

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Advans Celebrates Women on International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide each year on 8th March. The Advans Group showed support for this year’s celebrations through activities rolled out among its affiliates which seeks to emphasize the group as a supporter for the development of women and share the impact of the campaign across its affiliates.

#Beboldforchange, being the global theme for this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations aimed to celebrate and show appreciation to current female clients of Advans from all business segments. Profiles of female staff members were shared across Advans’ numerous communication platforms expressing appreciation for team work and dedication to growing together with female clients

Advans Ghana participated in the celebrations with gifts and endearing messages to its female clientele across its 16 points of sale. Female managers and board members also had the opportunity to interact with female clients who visited Advans Ghana branches on the day.

Advans Ghana savings initiative for cocoa farmers

Advans Ghana in partnership with the Cocoa Life programme from Mondelez, aims to provide training on financial inclusion, deposits and other financial services to cocoa farmers who are beneficiaries of the Cocoa Life programme – a programme which provides training and community planning skills to grow a positive cycle of change among cocoa farmers.

The pilot project has been largely successful with beneficiary farmers in the Eastern Region including the Suhum, New Juaben and Fanteakwa Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited. Through this initiative, farmers have obtained valuable knowledge through training on income management as well as know-how on the Advans Ghana Mobile Money platform.

Members of the farming societies have also successfully opened accounts in real time with the use of Advans Ghana’s Mobile Banking platform. Through this service, the farmers are able to transfer money from their mobile money account directly to their Advans account and vice versa, purchase airtime and monitor all transactions without having to go to the branch.

Advans Ghana maintains the relationship with the farmer co-operative societies through regular participation in meetings and provision of training.

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New Year Greetings from Advans

Advans warmly wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year. Serving over 700,000 clients across our affiliates in 10 countries, we are committed to growing with you in 2017 and in the years to come.

Advans Ghana partners with Wienco for rice farmers’ savings offer

Advans Ghana through the Wienco farmer input finance scheme, offers rice farmers in the Wheta rice farming district of the Volta Region the opportunity to open a free Advans Ghana account where farmers can receive their harvest proceeds from Wienco through their Advans account. This offers a more secure channel through which the farmers can safeguard their funds while also accruing some interest on their account.

Additionally, a special savings plan with relatively higher interest rates ranging between 10% - 20% yearly depending on the final balance has been introduced offering farmers the opportunity to grow their funds towards a goal; purchase of more seedlings, farm equipment, children’s school fees etc.

Advans Ghana ensures that deposits are conveniently received through Advans certified field tellers who come to the farming communities to collect monies to deposit at the nearest branch within the Volta region. Added services to this initiative for farmers include the mobibank service where farmers can track their deposits and withdrawals through SMS.

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Advans Ghana partners with Digital Education Group for School Summit 2016

School Summit, an annual event organized by the Digital Education Group brings together various stakeholders responsible for the advancement of the educational sector such as school directors and owners, school heads, managers and administrators. This year’s programme under the theme “Transforming Your School and Career Through Best Practice” was held on the 20th and 21st of October at the British Council in Accra. It was focused on topics which included gaining the competitive advantage through personal and educational branding, financing school projects and creating effective educational partnerships.

Advans Ghana shared with the participants its contribution towards improving the educational sector through the Education Finance initiative; a product specially packaged for privately owned pre-schools, Primary and JHS to take care of the expansion needs of schools and improve teaching and learning to enhance the cognitive development of pupils.

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Accelerate your life with Suzuki Alto

Advans Ghana in partnership with CFAO Ghana presents the "Accelerate Your Life campaign" to provide clients and prospects the opportunity to own the sleek Suzuki Alto through a direct purchase from CFAO Ghana or with a special loan facility from Advans Ghana at an incredibly affordable rate .
For an amazing offer of GHC 29,990 or GHC1,400 per month, a client can drive away the best Japanese brand car guaranteed to provide the durability and comfort perfect for town driving. With power steering, electric front windows and air-conditioning, the new Alto has all it takes to ensure a pleasurable and smooth drive.

"The Accelerate Your Life" campaign begins September 7th and lasts for three months; the facility is open to both existing and new Advans Ghana and CFAO Ghana clients. Salaried account holders who have accounts with other financial institutions can also enjoy the benefit of this promotion by opening a current account with Advans Ghana and having one salary processed at Advans Ghana.

Existing customers who have loans with Advans Ghana can also enjoy top-ups to their existing loans without the requirement to clear an existing loan. Commercial vehicle owners are also welcome to take advantage of this promotion.

To accelerate your life, simply call our customer contact center toll free number on 0800 355 355, or rush into any of our branches in Accra, Kumasi, Ho or Koforidua. Call CFAO on +233 (0)302 742 1200 or visit their offices in Accra, Kumasi or Takoradi for direct purchase.

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Advans Ghana Launches Tafo Branch


Advans Ghana has officially launched the Tafo branch in Kumasi. The event which took place on Wednesday, 17th August 2016, witnessed distinguished representatives of local governments, associations, clients, custodians of the Ashanti Kingdom, board, management and staff of Advans Ghana. The event saw a vibrant display of the Advans brand colours amidst drumming and dancing. 

In a speech by Mr. Huseini Bufien Hamidu, Branch Manager for Tafo, he reiterated Advans Ghana’s commitment towards providing convenient and relevant banking to customers by bringing banking services closer to the client.

The distinguished representative of Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, Nana Adu Mensah Asare (Amakomhene) congratulated Advans Ghana on the new branch which he believes has opened up employment opportunities and provided customers with a varied choice in where they transact their banking activities. He encouraged Advans Ghana to stay true to the vision and work towards being the preferred financial institution for MSMEs in Ghana.  

The Tafo branch located in a prime area at the Mangoase Junction in Kumasi, boasts of modern infrastructure designed for the customer’s pleasurable banking experience. The bright and spacious banking hall is designed to provide comfort and ease for a serene banking experience.

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Advans Ghana launches School Development Loan


Advans Ghana has launched its newest initiative, the School Development Loan facility which is designed to provide financing to private basic schools to enable infrastructural upgrades, including refurbishments of classroom blocks, improving library facilities and the restock of general school supplies.

The facility was launched on the 12th and 14th of July in Accra and Kumasi respectively and was well attended by representatives of private basic schools in Accra and Kumasi.

With this loan facility, the client also enjoys other services such as payroll services which attract no charge, Mobibank ensuring the convenience of being able to instantly check account balance and perform transfers between the bank to wallet and wallet to bank platform, as well as the comfort of instantly checking mini statements.  

With the introduction of the School Development loan, Advans Ghana continues to demonstrate its commitment to national development by ensuring that pupils and students in Ghana enjoy the right to quality education in a favourable and conducive learning environment.

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Advans Ghana opens Tafo branch


The Advans Ghana Tafo branch in Kumasi brings Advans Ghana’s growing network of branches to a total of 13 branches located in Accra, Eastern, Volta and Ashanti region and a point of sale at Suhum. The opening of the new branch forms part of Advans Ghana’s efforts to ensuring relevant and convenient banking by bringing banking services closer to its customers.

The Tafo branch located in a prime area at the Mangoase Junction in Kumasi, boasts of modern infrastructure purposed for the customer’s pleasurable banking experience. The bright and spacious banking hall is designed to provide comfort and ease for an enjoyable banking experience.

Friendly branch staff are always ready to attend to customers’ enquiries and ensure all banking needs are met. The Advans Ghana Tafo branch offers products and services such as loans, Current and Savings products as well as financial services such as International Money Transfer and Cash Card services.

Advans Ghana, growing together.

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Mr. Emmanuel Adjei wins big in the Western Union “Home Makeover Promotion"

Mr. Emmanuel Adjei, a loyal customer of Advans Ghana, Newtown branch was all smiles on Tuesday May 31st when he emerged winner of a home theatre system, an LED TV and a Multi TV decoder through the Western Union International Money Transfer home make over promotion.

The promotion, which run for the period between 4th April and 3rd May 2016 required customers to fill out coupons anytime they patronized Western Union services throughout all agent outlets including all Advans Ghana branches. Over 200 winners were selected from the pool of coupons entered in the draw. 

This year’s promotion, coming on the back of the 2015 Western Union “Kitchen Makeover Promotion” was aimed at appreciating customers for making Western Union their number one choice for money transfer services in Ghana and to attract potential customers to enjoy the innovative services Western Union offers.

Mr. Emmanuel Adjei expressed his appreciation to the organizers of the makeover promotion and Advans Ghana for the opportunity to win such mouthwatering prizes; “I am extremely happy with my home theatre, LED TV and decoder! I am just grateful to Advans Ghana and Western Union for making my household livelier”

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"My Project Account" launched

Advans Ghana continues to introduce new and innovative products to a growing portfolio of products and services. Launched on the 3rd of May 2016, “My Project Account” adds to the list of valuable products and services Advans Ghana offers its clients. Your dreams can become a reality with “My Project Account” which offers you special interest rates to make your money work for you.

The Advans Project account is a high yielding account which enables you to build your savings by committing to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly savings – whatever works for you, for your short or long term goal realization. The account also allows you to create a personal savings goal, save at your own pace, and track your progress with your Advans Mobibank or at the branch. You have the advantage of enjoying a competitive ongoing variable interest rate while you save regularly and increase your balance.

With a low initial deposit of only GHC 20.00, you enjoy benefits which include high competitive rates, increase in interest rate with daily balance making every cedi you save work harder for you, flexible tenures of 90 days or more, free standing order from your Advans Current or Savings account and free account statement among other benefits.

 “My Project Account” provides an excellent savings solution while effectively helping you manage the competing demands of various financial commitments.

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Advans Ghana Savings and Loans LTD launches "Hero" campaign


Advans Ghana Savings and Loans LTD, an affiliate of the Advans Group has launched a three-month visibility campaign called the “Hero” campaign. This is in line with Advans Ghana’s renewed commitment towards recognizing and rewarding its loyal customers for their patronage as well as improving the socio-economic status of Ghanaians through the provision of adapted loans and other financial products and services.  The “Hero” campaign also forms part of Advans Ghana’s vision of being the preferred financial institution for MSMEs in Ghana. Between now and July 2016, customers who walk into any of our branches in Accra, Ho, Koforidua, Suhum and Kumasi to conduct business will receive gifts such as Advans branded "Hero” T-shirts, pens, key rings and other exciting items.

More than ten exciting financial products and services designed to suit the MSME sector have been customized and re-introduced to respond to the varying needs of Advans Ghana’s loyal and potential customers. Some of which include the Advans Ghana “My Project Account”, The Advans Ghana “ Individual Business Loan”, The Advans Ghana “Investment and Working Capital Loan”, The Advans Ghana “Kids Account”, The Advans Ghana “Prestige Account”, The Advans Ghana “E-Cash and E-Zwich” services amongst others.

Advans Ghana’s Loan, Deposit and Financial products and services provide smart financial solutions for various people who fall within varying economic brackets; from the individual who desires to commit to saving towards a specific goal or desire, the parent saving towards their child’s education or the individual in need of adapted and flexible loans to augment their business or the individual who requires financing for personal or family expenses, Advans Ghana meets these needs by focusing on developing and rolling out value-driven products and services which are relevant to the client’s economic requirements.

Commenting on the launch of the “Hero” campaign, Mr. Elvis Oheneba, Head of Sales, Marketing and Retail expressed his delight at the initiative Advans Ghana has embarked upon; “At Advans Ghana, we always strive to place the customer first, and with this campaign, we are ensuring that all our products and services are tailored to give our clients real value for money, we also express our gratitude to our clients for their continued patronage”   He encouraged individuals to come and experience the bouquet of banking services the financial institution has to offer, he also charged staff to protect and safeguard the interests of customers.

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We are growing together - Advans Ghana commissions new Ashaiman branch building


Accra, March 21st, 2016 - In line with our commitment to make our banking halls the best to transact your banking business, Advans Ghana Savings and Loans LTD, an affiliate of the Advans Group has commissioned a new building for its Ashaiman branch in the Greater Accra Region.

The Ashaiman Branch is one of the long serving branches of Advans Ghana. It serves customers in the Ashaiman and Tema localities. The relocation of the branch to the new ultra-modern building at Old Tulako station is in line with Advans Ghana's commitment towards serving its clients better and making banking accessible to all. Previously situated in the hustle and bustle of the Ashaiman Market, the branch is now easier to locate and access, it is spacious and boasts of all the facilities present in any modern banking hall.

The branch commissioning, attended by representatives of local government, traditional authorities, Advans Ghana board members and shareholders, staff, clients and other distinguished guests saw a vibrant display of the institution's brand colors. Addressing the audience during the branch commissioning, Mr. Brieuc Cardon, Chief Executive Officer of Advans Ghana Savings and Loans LTD reiterated the financial institution's commitment to improving the socio-economic wellbeing of Ghanaians; "at Advans Ghana, we believe that trust and transparency are the foundation of a solid partnership, we want them to succeed and that is why our products and services are specifically tailored to suit our clients' financial needs.

Advans Ghana has 11 fully fledged branches, 2 outlets and a Call Centre set up which handles complaints, enquiries, requests and suggestions from customers and the general public. The 12th branch shall be opened in Kumasi in May to bring the number of point of sales to 14.

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Advans Ghana extends its services to peri-urban and rural areas

Advans Ghana signed an agreement with Rafip (Rural and Agricultural Finance Program) in 2015 for a grant (from IFAD – International Fund for Agricultural Development) to support its expansion strategy in peri-urban and rural areas.

The overall goal of the project is to improve the livelihoods of the rural population in Ghana including small, medium and large farmers and rural micro entrepreneurs as well as to support agricultural value chain financing with a special focus on rural empowerment. The project aims to enhance access to sustainable financial services in rural areas through enhanced and cost-effective alternative delivery channels.

Advans Ghana is investing in areas where we have the highest potential to change lives and strengthen families and communities, as we work towards achieving our five-year strategic goals.

Launch of International Fund Transfers

In partnership with Société Générale Ghana, Advans Ghana recently unveiled an international cash transfer service which enables its customers to receive and send cash internationally. This service gives Ghanaians and others living abroad the ability to transfer and receive funds to or from their suppliers, family and friends, at home or abroad in a convenient manner, in line with Advans Ghana’s desire to offer a full product package.

The target clients for this service are predominantly SMEs. However, individuals and cooperative entities are also eligible to use the service. First time users only need to open a COT free current account with Advans and then they can transfer or receive money from abroad instantly by completing the funds transfer form. Although the service is at the introductory phase its impact on client satisfaction and on the deposit portfolio has been very positive. One SME client says: ‘The money I have saved monthly since the service was launched has been enough to take care of my monthly electricity bill since I no longer have to maintain an expensive current account with a commercial bank.

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Advans Group reaches a new Milestone

Advans Group is pleased to announce that just over 12 months after having reached half a million clients, the group now serves 600,000 clients!

Congratulations to all of you and please pass on our thanks and congratulations to all your teams for this new milestone.

Without all of your hard work and commitment, this wouldn’t have been possible.

600,000 Clients. Thank You!

Business Lunch with Entrepreneurs in Suhum

The Chief Executive Officer of Advans Ghana, Brieuc Cardon, has admonished entrepreneurs to consider the interest rates and the mode of calculation on loans when accessing loans with financial institutions.

He made this known, when he interacted with SME entrepreneurs in Suhum on Wednesday 11 November 2015.

"Because of the Macro-economic context, borrowing money is expensive in Ghana. So, before you borrow, you should make sure it makes economical sense for you and for your business. At Advans Ghana, with our mission in mind, we always make sure we offer you the best possible rates in the market. To be convinced, you should just compare the total interests you would pay at Advans with what you would pay with other Financial Institutions and you will see Advans Ghana is cheaper. Do not compare the rates, compare the total interests to pay. That’s the only thing that matters for you. "

Mr. Cardon used the occasion of the opening of Advans Ghana new point of Sales in Suhum to have direct interactions with clients and non-clients.


From now till December6 31st 2015, you have the ability to receive from ¢300 - ¢500 when you refer someone to take a loan from Advans Ghana. This promo is open to the general market. No raffle. No draw. It is simple and transparent.

Kindly call 026 56 54 771. Terms and Conditions apply.

Advans Ghana Opens Suhum Point Of Sale

Exciting things are happening at Advans Ghana. In Advans Ghana, we endeavour to serve our clients at their door steps. To materialize this objective, we have been providing various avenues to enable our clients to have access to banking at their convenience. This time, with much honour we would like to make known to our cherished customers and the general public at large that we have just opened a new cash point at Government Hospital junction, Galaxy Fuel Station. Loyalty from customers like you has fueled continued growth, making the opening of the cash point necessary.


We would be very happy to have you as our guest in our new cash point and we encourage you to find more of our tailor made products and services. We are dedicated to always providing you with the best service that you deserve.  We are looking forward to you visiting our new cash point".


Advans Ghana...Growing Together

Advans launches its 10 year celebrations with an internal seminar

Advans launched its 10 year anniversary celebrations in October 2015 with an internal seminar in the Burgundy region of France. The seminar was attended by the Advans group team from Paris, as well as by the nine affiliates in the Advans network; Amret, Advans Cameroun, Advans Ghana, Advans Banque Congo, Advans Bank Tanzania, Advans Côte d'Ivoire, Advans Pakistan, Advans Nigeria and Advans Tunisie.

Various themed workshops enabled affiliates to share their experience on key subjects contributing to the success and evolution of the group such as lending productivity, client centricity and staff development.

Participants were thrilled to be able to come together to celebrate the achievements of Advans over the last ten years, meet old and new colleagues from other institutions across the network during the different team building activities and reflect together on the development of the Advans group for the years to come.

Advans Ghana Outdoors New Corporate Cloth

Advans Ghana has released its latest staff cloth. The new cloth, which portrays the corporate colours, aims to boost team spirit and increase staff's sense of belonging. In a brief event to mark the activity at the head office, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Francis Owiredu, said that the release of the new cloth highlighted the unique identity of the organization and entreated the staff to always uphold the organization's core values. He further tasked all staff to continue to deliver excellent customer service to clients and continue to be responsible in their actions. Mr. Desmond Kwawu, Human Resource Manager, advised the staff to maintain their positive attitude towards work, to seek to innovate and uphold the values of the company.


Exactly today, 9th October, 2015 Advans Ghana has completed 7 years of its establishment. I take this opportunity to thank our cherished clients for being an earnest part of Advans Ghana.What began as a small savings and loans company with less than 20 employees and less than 100 clients has risen up to stand tall amongst its contemporaries in the industry with 400 employees and over 30,000 clients.

Today we offer very competitive deposit products, loans and financial services to SME's, microentrepreneurs and salary workers through our network of 12 branches in the country.We are very grateful to our clients who trusted in us to provide them tailor made services and products. Their demands, challenges and feedbacks have pushed us to go ahead and improve robustly. Indeed our success story shall forever remain incomplete without the support of our clients. Not only have you made us a part of your lives but also helped us reach out to the world to fulfil our mission of providing adapted financial services to MSMEs. On this special occasion I gladly announce that anyone who introduce someone to Advans Ghana for loan shall receive cash reward of between Gh¢ 300 and Gh¢ 500. This offer starts in October and ends in December 31st 2015. Please call our customer contact center on 0265-654-771 for more details.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank our team for their support and excellent delivery. Without the support of our excellent team it would never have been this far. Every one of you plays a very important role in the development of Advans Ghana.

It is for your enthusiasm, support and commitment that have fueled this success. To the entire public we plan to keep our business and relation growing with you and continue to provide you nothing but the best.

Long life Advans Ghana

Long life Ghana

Breakfast meeting at Koforidua

June 2015 - On Friday 12th June, another “CEO breakfast” was organized in Koforidua to promote Advans and the BDS program. The 25 participants were very participative and motivated by the BDS Program. There has been a lot of questions about Advans, our products and services… The next CEO breakfast will be organized in Accra on Friday 19th June.

CEO Breakfast at Kumasi

June 2015 - On Wednesday 10th June, another “CEO breakfast” was organized in Kumasi to promote Advans and the BDS program. The participation rate was very high. More than 40 clients and prospects from Roman Hill and Atonsu assisted to the event. There has been a lot of interactions and most of the clients were very enthusiastic about Advans Ghana and about the BDS program. The next CEO will be organized in Koforidua on Friday 12th June.

Enhancing Teshie branch

May 2015 - Since May, the Teshie branch which used to be on the first floor moved. The banking hall is now on the ground floor of the same building and the CROs are on the first floor. This move enhances the branch's visibility, making it more accessible to clients and making the working environment more pleasant for staff.

Breakfast meeting with clients

May 2015 - In May, our CEO had a breakfast meeting with 30 clients and prospects from the Ho branch. The meeting started with a welcoming word from the CEO and a short presentation of Advans Ghana’s products and services. The session was continued by the EDC Consult (Enterprise Development Center) with the presentation of the Business Development training. Thanks to the AFD who subsidize the 300,000€ program and with the support of the IFC, Advans Ghana proposed to 240 of its clients a 9 days Business Development training aimed at helping them manage their accounts, finances etc. The training, which will take place in June 2015, is appreciated by the SME managers and micro entrepreneurs who are keen to boost their businesses during this weaker economic phase. The breakfast was a success and resulted in 25 subscriptions to the program.

Commencement of Auto Loans

January 2015 - We are happy to announce that the AUTO LOAN has been launched. Our existing business clients with good repayment behavior and new business clients with the required repayment capacity can be offered the facility with Advans Ghana.

Clients Rewarding

January 2015 - Advans Ghana has rewarded 60 loyal clients in the mini reward of the “Deposit and Win Loyalty Promotions” at its head office in Accra in January. The promotion which was designed to show appreciation of the institution's loyal clients saw over 5,000 clients participating. The Deposit and Win Loyalty promotion required clients to deposit GHS 200 or multiples of it in their savings or current accounts and build it up for 3 continuous months. The rationale for the promotion was to encourage clients and prospects to cultivate the habit of savings and also show appreciation to the clients. Among all participants, 24 entrepreneurs were selected and won a fully paid business development training that will boost their business capacity. The Business Development training which is being organized by EDC Consult, with support from AFD and IFC is planned to begin in June, 2015. 36 other winners also received electrical appliances.

Power Your Business

November 2014 - The recent power (electricity) crisis in the country is affecting the majority of micro businesses. No electricity means little or no work and this reduces productivity. This ultimately results in a gap between what these businesses ought to earn as income and what they actually earn. “Power Your business” is an auxiliary product designed specifically to bridge this gap. The idea is to grant loans to existing clients and prospect to purchase Generators and Inverters for their businesses. The “Power your Business” Loan doesn’t grant a loan amount but provides the customer with a generator, inverter or solar panels.

New Products !

October 2014 - Advans Ghana proudly launched two new services to its customers: the Mobibank service and the Cash Card. These two services are aimed at facilitate the customers financial transactions.

Kantamanto Fire Victims Gets Support From Advans Ghana

July 2013 - Victims of the recent Kantamanto fire outbreak who had taken a loan from Advans Ghana Savings and Loans have been financially supported with a first phase of GHC 115,000 as insurance cover from Star Microinsurance through MicroEnsure. Each victim, aside his or her outstanding loan written off, will receive ¢200 each as part of the insurance benefits. Advans Ghana within less than five years of operations have supported over 37,000 Micro, Small and Medium entrepreneurs through the provision of sound financial services, adapted to their needs for their development through simple credit processes and savings solutions. Financial support in the form of loans, given to our clients are fully insured by Star Microinsurance through MicroEnsure throughout the repayment period against risks such as death, life disability, property lose against fire and flood, client hospitalization and death of spouse or family member. Out of the over 800 Agbogbloshie fire victims, Advans Ghana has around 200 clients who will benefit from the insurance cover. Mrs. Barbara Odei, Chief Operations Officer, sympathized with the fire victims and expressed gratitude to MicroEnsure and Star Microinsurance for paying claims on time and hopes to receive the remaining claims as soon as possible to ease the lives of the clients. She used the opportunity to enlighten the traders on the need to do business with credible institutions such as Advans Ghana and benefit not only a flexible repayment schedule or competitive interest rates but also an insurance cover.

Advans Ghana Gets €400,000 Grant to Support SMEs

June 2013 - Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Company have received a €400,000 grant from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) as technical support towards the growth of SME in Ghana. In an agreement signing ceremony, the CEO of Advans Ghana, Mr. Cedric Henot, said, the grant will help the institution to support the entrepreneurs through the provision of sound financial services, adapted to their needs through simple credit processes and savings solutions. The AFD resident manager, Mr. Bruno Ledlerc, who signed the agreement with Mr. Cedric Henot, said the agreement with Advans Ghana was in the category of grants for capacity building. He said €300,000 out of the total grant will finance a technical assistance programme to build Advans Ghana upscaling strategy towards SMEs by its staff. “In three years’ time, the SME portfolio should amount to ¢3.7 million, he added. The remaining €100,000, he said, will be used to support a Business Development Services (BDS) component to help increase the business management skills of about 250 SME clients.

Advans Ghana Unveils New Corporate Cloth

Advans Ghana Savings and loans Company, has unveiled its corporate cloth as part of its brand awareness strategy. At a ceremony to officially unveil the cloth, the Chief Operations Officer of the company, Mrs. Barbara Odei, said the corporate cloth was part of the company’s drive to market itself and have an imprint on the minds of its clients and to enhance its visibility ,adding “it is also our contribution of 'Made in Ghana' goods”. Within the years of its operations, she said, Advans Ghana had successfully delivered simple deposit and credit services to entrepreneurs and had been a focal point for SMEs.