Financial Services

International Money Transfer

Our International Money Transfer facility offers a safe and easy way to send and receive money overseas. This allows you to open the doors to International business, pay for goods to be imported or support your family living abroad.

 Benefits ...
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Reliable

Advans Cash Card

The Advans Cash Card has been designed for all our customers to give them access to their funds 24/7, to make easy transactions and enjoy many services and facilities offered by all ATMs (balance enquiry, mini statement etc.). This Cash Card facilitates business transactions of customers who make frequent withdrawals and who can’t always come to the branch for transactions.

  • Withdraw money from any ATM
  • Access to funds from current account, savings account and prestige account
  • Safety assured
  • No maintenance fee
  • Unlimited deposit frequency
  • Unlimited number of withdrawal per day
  • For your security: limit of 500 ghc per day. This limit may be extended up on request.

Cheque Book

Advans cheque book is a customized cheque book that orders Advans Ghana to pay a specific amount of money from Advans client account to a third party (the person in whose name the cheque has been issued). Advans customized cheque book enables all clients to make business or personal payments without the need to carry any money.

  • Secured flexible transactions
  • Convenience
  • Accepted in all banks and Bank of Ghana authorized savings and loans
  • Free monthly statement for reconciliation
  • Instant SMS on all transactions
  • No cost on transactions
  • No hidden charges

Advans Mobibank

The Advans Mobibank service brings banking services into the clients hands thanks to a simple mobile phone. This technology allow the clients to perform and access banking services at any moment through the simple use of a mobile phone. This service is designed for all customers that hold an account at Advans (Savings, Current etc.) and permits them to make different types of money transactions described below.

  • Free SMS ALERT for all transactions on clients' accounts
  • Free funds transfer between Advans accounts 
    • Customer A Savings Account <-> Customer A Current Account
    • Customer A Current Account <-> Customer B Current Account
    • No commission on transactions
  • Free balance inquiry
  • Request of a mini statement of the customers’ accounts
  • Airtime purchase


Advans Ghana works together with Western Union and Money Gram to ensure your international money transfers.


Thanks to Advans E-Cash, the cash collection by the field tellers is completely secured. Every cash deposits hits the customer's account instantly thanks to the teller’s smartphone. An instant SMS is sent to the customer which allow the client to verify the transaction. This service makes field cash collection completely safe, secured and convenient for the clients.


We bring banking technology to your doorstep by taking the extra mile with savings and withdrawal. Transactions are made easy, secured, comfortable and out of the branch on an Ezwich card with a POS.