Our Vision and Mission

Advans Ghana aims to provide adapted financial services primarily to micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSMEs) in Ghana, which have limited or no access to formal banking services, secondarily, and in as much as they are not served by traditional banks, to low and middle income employees and individuals.

Our vision

To become the preferred financial institution for MSMEs in Ghana

Advans Ghana differentiates itself from other microfinance institutions thanks to the values it promotes.

Our Values

Advans Ghana is driven by values that differentiate itself from its competitors in Ghana.

  • Transparency and Integrity [+]
We seek to attain a high level of transparency, accountability and honesty in all our transactions with our clients, staff and stakeholders. We believe that trust is at the base of any good relationship.
  • Professionalism [+]
At Advans Ghana, we handle our duties with a high level of expertise, competence and responsibility. We adhere to moral and ethical principles. This gives us the ability to build strong and confident relationships among our staff, clients, service providers and the public.
  • Entrepreneurship [+]
Advans Ghana believes entrepreneurship is the bedrock of economic growth. One of Advans Ghana’s values is to support entrepreneurs to seize business opportunities. 
  • Unrivaled Customer Service [+]
We strive to create and maintain a mutual relationship with all our clients. At Advans Ghana clients' needs are our main focus. We adopt an easy and comprehensible financial approach to help clients grow their businesses.
  • Open to all [+]
Advans Ghana ensures equal access to services without discrimination of any kind. We render equal service to all clients and businesses within our target market.
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility [+]
As a responsible member of the microfinance industry, Advans Ghana does not only consider the economic impact of its operations but also takes into account the specific social and environmental issues prevailing when dealing with MSMEs.