About us

Advans Ghana assures the safety of customers’ hard-won earnings and seeks to provide an outstanding service to its customers and the community.

As the Ghanaian economy evolves, Advans Ghana continues to update its products and services to meet customers’ new financial requirements. The dynamism of the company has over the years attracted young and motivated employees. Today, there are more than 650 welcoming staff members ready to serve you in the 18 Advans Ghana offices.

As a Savings and Loans company, Advans Ghana is under the supervision of the Bank of Ghana. Advans Ghana stands apart from other micro-lenders in the stability of its financial support thanks to their shareholders. These include Advans SA and  leading non-government organizations such as the International Finance Corporation and KfW, and major banks such as the Société Générale. Advans Ghana is a member of the Advans group. The Advans group is a network of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and microbanks which provide adapted financial services to Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and low-income populations in developing, emerging and frontier countries. Advans aims to transfer best practices in corporate governance and operations management to its affiliates.

Our Shareholders